The north node represents an unfamiliar territory: you are still learning its qualities, and in the beginning, it often feels slow and you fail a lot. This transit is ideal for you to try on new things that you're dying to try. Aries suns are the same way. If you want an example, I have this and for my last ex I would make playlists for him, I drew a portrait of him, and I wrote poems for him. Ascendant opposite ascendant (1st house on the 7th house overlay). Are we physically active? Look to see if there are other aspects (mainly to the South Node) that indicate apast life connection. I also love to write poems and create drawings for my significant others. Every Mercury in Leo person Ive ever met has been so fucking funny. North node conjunct Sun can indicate that your father was missing from your life, or you didnt have a proper father figure in your life. They also might have a fantasy of having sex on top of a pile of money or having sex in a really expensive place or maybe wanting to have sex with someone very rich. However, this takes a lot of work from both people; each partner must be willing to contribute and face their darkest parts. They also might be into BDSM; they enjoy being ab*sed during sex. Ill create a part two soon. If they have been off track in their life or in the direction that their soul wants to go, an encounter, this connection, this relationship will highlight that for them. Theyre ruthless, whether its for a good cause or a bad cause. They also might like rough sex, and they also might like red lingerie (either wearing it or looking at it). Big attraction here from both sides. Minor degrees included. It's sometimes called the karmic axis, which gives you some clues as to what its significance is, and in Vedic Astrology the North node is called Rahu. The relationship boosts the self-confidence of the Sun person. pool, ocean, etc. The Sun shows who you really are. There is a strong bond between you. In my opinion with generational planets in the first house, certain traits they have should be taken with a grain of salt. Even then, these sides of them can vary depending on the situation theyre in. I could also see them being good at giving their partners multiple org*sms and be able to have multiple of their own. 1 year ago on October 02, 2021 at 3:52 pm. Theyre more into mental stimuli than visual stimuli. Also, I use these darker aspects of life in my creative hobbies such as writing and drawing (19). The two just have a lot of fun together, and its a very light-hearted aspect. Its not that you dont want to fulfill your promises, its that you overestimate your strength and willpower. Cancer Mercury and Libra Mercury friendships are so underrated imo. Im sorry, but its true. It can be a great aspect, but I feel more often than not the Vesta person tends to put the sun person on a pedestal and deifies them. Im going to try and stay consistent with this again. There also might be something about them thats big, i.e. Hopefully this post helps you guys, and Im planning on making more degree posts soon, but for now Im debating either doing a Mercury through the houses post or another asteroid post. Adversely, they might hook up a lot to feel better if theyre feeling down, sex might help them feel better. I also become very motivated when it comes to being a leader or being in charge of something; as soon as Im in charge I strive to be the best. (Im queer and I have both Venus-Neptune and Mars-Neptune aspects. If you have the Sun sextile North Node synastry aspect, you most likely have the Sun trine South Node synastry aspect as well. Again, to each their own, these are just my observations! Also she loves kids, and he wants nothing to do with them. I could keep going but I think yall get the picture. They understand each other really well and likely have a lot in common. They also might be into being restrained during sex and chained up since this degree deals with prison. These people could also be motivated by attention; they want to be known as the best and they want positive attention for it (calling myself out here). Also, something about their vibe makes people confide their secrets in them. The Sun is, you know, what's your sign? I have it aspecting my moms Mercury, and a lot of people say I sound like her on the phone. Aquarius Eros love to be filmed or love the idea of being filmed while m*sturbating or having s*x. Obviously, not everyone with this placement is gonna be brooding or have an intensity to them. If you have this in a romantic relationship, this is a GREAT sign that things will work out. They also might enjoy tying their partner up or withholding org*sms since struggling is involved (or the other way around). Mars Square Saturn: Theres just an unwillingness to compromise and the Mars person can become very controlling over the Saturn person. Sun Semi-sextile Moon: Individuals with this aspect frequently adjust their paths and behaviors to adapt with others and lifes circumstances. Body part theyre likely to find most attractive on a partner: Hips, thighs, and legs. So for Mars it deals with our ambitions and s*x (also k*nks). Moon in the 8th overlay: This one is more for romantic synastry, but this could be good in other types of relationships as well. Look at the overall synastry / composite / davison charts. It feels right, and if you've ever experienced this conjunction, it's very unique in how deeply the knowing is that this is right. This is the degree of wisdom, of course. If it is at a wider orb then it'll translate as stimulating conversation. Your path is always your own, but your partner can help you evolve and learn with these aspects. Ive noticed ALOT of Capricorn suns have issues with their father. This one is weird but Ive noticed that those with outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) in the 3rd house tend to have big lips/mouth or just unique lips/smiles in general. I have curly hair and another guy I know with this had longish hair. The Scorpio degree also rules pregnancy, like Cancer, they likely dream of having kids with their partner or adopting (if theyre into that sort of thing of course). If you liked this article, save it for later and share it with your friends who enjoy learning about astrology! Originally posted by freeasabird16048kg. Some days they feel super motivated, other daysnot so much. In a north node conjunct Sun synastry chart, the Sun person embodies what the north node person needs to live their life purpose. You guys just feel magnetically attracted to each other, and theres a lot of chemistry. Some celebs w this placement: Marlon Brando, Jessica Chastain, Tiffani Thiessen, James Dean, Kurt Russell, Natalie Wood, and so on. They also like to talk in bedif you know what I mean. I can also see individuals with Virgo degrees being passionate about animals, they might have a lot of pets or be an animal rights activist. They also might like the idea of a boss/employee r*leplay since it deals with work. It's what we haven't done yet, and that can represent some challenges when the North node is involved. Theyre likely very bold in how they pursue their goals, and will do whatever they have to do to get to the top. Virgo placements are shit on way too much, and there is no room for Virgo slander on this blog. They are authentic in the presence of the North Node person. Body part theyre likely to find most attractive on a partner: The stomach, and eyes LMAO. Scorpio degrees in love are possessive and secretive. Aquarius Eros, Lilith in the 11th, Mars in the 11th, Mars Square Pluto, and Aquarius Mars are into some k*nky shit bro. Every single person Ive been attracted to without really knowing why, they have a Mars Square Pluto placement. These are the things that we need to take into moderation and focus on the North Node. I could definitely see vegans and vegetarians having this degree in their Mars (since this degree deals with animals, theyd likely want to avoid eating them). working out with a friend at the gym. The North Node is part of an axis called the nodal axis. Sun Conjunct Moon: These individuals are strong and intense. Speaking ofsynastry, 7th house synastry will really have you questioning if you should marry the person even if you dont like them. With your natal Sun opposite north node, you feel that you have to choose between the Sun or the north node: you have to make an effort to use both at the same time. spanking, grabbing, an*l, p*gging, beads, etc. (The third house is typically associated with cars, some say the 4th, but I think its the third since 3rd house energy is more on the go and 4th house energy is a home-body type of energy). You become more aware of why are you here. Also, they might be motivated by their romantic partner to accomplish certain things and they also might consider a career in marriage counseling. Because the Sun represents confidence and motivation, the Sun-ruled people are always motivated. They can achieve their high expectations. Thinking about the time my co-worker liked my other co-worker and she tried to flirt with him by asking for a bite of his icecream and he told her to get her own. Ambitions: Individuals with Pisces degrees in their Mars are definitely mysterious and creative. Mars Conjunct North Node: Are You An Extraordinary Person? Capricorn degrees are the CEO type of placements, they want to be in charge. For example, my degree is 7 (Libra degree), and people have told me theyve seen me as really creative and someone who seems very level headed (even though Im far from it LMAO). Ive noticed people with these placements having particular f*tishes. At first, safety and security feel great, but the Nodal person will realize even unconsciously that they cant grow without a bit of instability. Is there any significance if you and your partner have each others suns as North nodes? The Sun person will express many of the qualities that the North Node person is trying to emulate. Capricorn degrees in love are enthralled with the idea of becoming a power couple with their partner. There is a tendency to be overly optimistic, only to find out later that there are more challenges on the road than you have initially thought. I think Cancer + Pisces works well and Cancers with earth signs. Drunken Astrology Rants/Opinions with Xenia, Moon signs as Red (Taylors Version) Lyrics. If you have the Sun conjunct South Node synastry aspect, youalso have the Sun opposite North Node synastry aspect. You have a lot of achievements on your belt. If strong future ties occur it will help you understand what course the relationship will take this time. In more extreme cases they felt unloved or unloved by one or both parents. The Ascendant person also teaches the Saturn person how to be more mature, and helps them accomplish their goals. Some notable celebrities with Gemini degrees include: Rick Riordans sun at 15, Oscar Wildes Mars at 3, Mark Twains moon at15. This is seen in the charts of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, AOC, FDR, Bernie Sanders, etc. These synastry aspects can be good for friendships, family members, and/or romantic relationships, unless I specify otherwise! For example, Venus Conjunct North Node, theyre likely there to be a romantic partner and if not that, they might be there to teach you self-love or teach you about your relationships with others. Sometimes when people are shitty to us, it pushes us on the right path. Side note- I could see these people utilizing music on dates i.e. Im curious what some examples of aspects would be that could indicate this would be a toxic relationship? Like Gemini degrees, Aquarius degrees prefer to date someone theyve been friends with. Here, on Earth, the Sun is responsible for giving various lifeforms energy. They dont want to sit around and wait for things to develop, once they fall in love, they want all the romantic movie shit. Or they might both work in a job where they help vulnerable people. It feels like the right thing to do. I could also see Gemini degrees wanting to go on educational dates like taking their partner to a bookstore or a library. Venus Conjunct Ascendant or Venus in the 1st: For romantic synastry, this is love at first sight. Does that make sense? Also side note, I could see this placement taking you on dates near the water or involving the water, i.e. I could also see some of them being into some dark stuff, since this deals with our shadow side. I dont know where this idea of balance came from, theyre super chaotic. LMFAO. The south node is very important from a karmic perspective. If theyre egotistical, then theyre likely to teach unconsciously through pain, while an evolved Sun would be much better at showing the North Node person the light. I feel like the Saturn person looks up to the Ascendant person alot. The Sun person expresses many of the qualities . And these traits shine in us brightly too. Because the Nodes are incredibly important in someones chart, another persons Sun aspecting their partners nodes can have a very strong aspect. Theyre also likely to be very good with their hands They also might have considered having sex with their friends and/or have even done it before, or might just have friends with benefits. She aims to provide comfort and assurance using her abilities to offer answers to those who seek professional guidance. Red flags in synastry are important to look at. They also might love the idea of a doctor-patient r*leplay. Prepare to see them in your dreams. The North Node person feels like they're on the right path and together it just feels right. Asteroid Destinn #6583 Conjunct Sun: Youre meant to be in each others lives. Of course keep in mind that having only one or two of all of these is rarely enough to fall in love when you arent expecting to. These individuals definitely would open their own business, and if not that, theyd definitely run for some kind of public office (Barack Obama has his Mars at 22 degrees). Id also say they maybe wear green a lot or incorporate it into their outfit a lot. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have a lot of negative aspects, but they also have really positive ones that balance them out and theyve been together for a REALLY long time and show no indication of breaking up. They also draw a lot of attention to themselves whether they want to or not. Most people born around the same time as you who you do synastry with, youre gonna have those aspects with them. Theyre also motivated by fun;theyre here to have a good time and dominate everything. Theyrefull of life. You had a very deeply personal relationship that was broken or fragmented. Usually the individuals cant keep their hands off each other. Sometimes, this aspect can indicate that youre new to each other in this lifetime, that your souls havent met in a past lifetime. Since Apollo conjunct ascendant deals with power and people looking up to someone, I have people trying to take my power away and fight me for it if you will. 8th house synastry is not for the weak, its been years and I still think about her. I could also see them pursuing a career in psychology since this degree deals with the psyche. I also see this in people who have a hard time figuring out their sexuality. For me, I like to write, poetry is one of my favorite genres to write. Im sure it works for some people, but with my experience and what Ive observed, its toxic as fuck. You feel happy and fulfilled when your life is aligned with your Sun. But do not take it the wrong way. Elon Musk has his Moon and Venus both in Libra degrees, and Mark Zuckerberg has his Mars in a Libra degree). However, when angry, I still try my best to be diplomatic and work things out. So he was my muse, but in a more negative sense. I have this with my friend, and I see her as a sister. I could also see them having a breeding kink as well since this degree deals with pregnancy. What the people first see in us is the Sun. Also, I tend to become too absorbed by my routines and I feel that if Im not doing enough Im lazy. It's actually an imaginary point. It doesn't just have to be a romantic relationship, either. I could also see a praise k*nk here. Enjoying this article, why not read another article that is related to Sun Conjunct? They also tend to have a watery kind of look in their eyes and tend to show their emotions more on their face. Theyre motivated by a desire to learn- whether it be to learn about philosophy, other cultures, etc. They know how to undress you with their eyes, and they know how to get you to do it. Your ego and inner self supports your life purpose and vice versa. They also might use their voice as a way of getting ahead, whether they pursue a career in communication or singing, or being able to talk their way into certain positions. Thats about it. You had a strong, deep relationship that may have been romantic, but could also have been a sibling or parent-child bond. The Sun conjunct north node natal aspect indicates a go-getter, equipped with charisma. They also might resemble their mothers a lot. The South Node, on the other hand, are those experiences that come to us that we tend to direct our focus. This aspect means that you know each other from a past life. I had this with my ex, and when we broke up I wrote so many poems about the break up and how it affected me. Theyre also very passionate about self-expression just like Gemini degrees, and likely have at least one creative hobby in which they do this. People with this degree would also likely be under a lot of public scrutiny, as this degree deals with reputation. I could also see them developing sexual feelings for their friends and wanting to have friends with benefits, same as Gemini. going to amusement parks, laser tag, etc. The Sun person helps to see the north node person their life purpose more clearly. Quincunxes (inconjunctions) should be considered a major aspect imo. Sun Sesquiquadrate Moon: These individuals like Sun Semi-square Moon also value being self-reliant. I could also see them enjoying mutual m*sturbation since this degree deals withhelping others. Its our emotions and our reactions to stuff. So for me, my Neptune is in the 6 (omf the amount of Virgo and Libra degrees in my chart) in the 2nd house at 10. Also quite literally, I think about love a lot and always find myself dreaming about being in a relationship. These people are usually born near eclipses, be it solar or lunar. This degree also rules food as well, so people with Taurus degrees in their Mars may want to become chefs. A well-aspected Sun in good dignity suggests that you have a lot of energy, you are optimistic, and have a lot of self-confidence. Rip. However, with this placement mastered, a Gemini degree in Venus is both a communicative and intellectual lover. Sag placements and Geminiplacements in the big three tend to have the most expressive faces. Taurus degrees- 2, 14, 26: With Taurus degrees on the ascendant, Id say that this individual either dresses in the best clothes and is always dressed to the nines or they tend to have a more laidback fashion sense and like to dress comfortable. The north node is not a physical object in the sky. If things dont work out, the pain still helps both individuals become better people. Asteroids are small bodies, and in order to make a big influence in your chart they need to have conjunctions, aspects to personal planets, aspects to the AC, IC, DC, MC, in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, or aspects to the chart ruler. Anyway yeah, 90% of my crushes have been Aquariuses and Capricorns. This is because I feel like you need a good number of aspects to have a relationship or a connection with this person (this is for romantic synastry). Think of Billie Eilish, theres a mystery to them. This relationship is meant to teach the individuals something. This is also the degree of exploring, so theyre likely to explore different kinds of relationships and people who may not be their type. They also likely have a really nice sense of style and can be very charming. With Sun conjunct North node transit, everyone is in for a sheer amount of luck coming! After I hang out with them for a long period of time, my jaw hurts from talking too much and Im mentally exhausted from pondering the ins and outs of life. Its exciting for them, and unfortunately this can result in a lot of heartbreaks before they find the right one. They also might wear a lot of jewelry, particularly earrings. The Tauruses Ive hated, have had like an Aries stellium or prominent Aries placements. Body part theyre likely to find most attractive on a partner: The back. The Sun conjunct South Node synastry aspect means that youre picking up where you left off. Sun: One's personality has been carried over from past lives. They also might want to have sex in the water, i.e. I feel like they tend to ignore the emotions and kind of disregard them, and not see them as important. They might show each other new interests and they are meant to be in each others lives. Mercury Conjunct Mars: This is good for romantic relationships. This is a really nice and sweet overlay to have. For example, if you have a synastry chart where all the soulmate indicators are there, everything looks amazing except someone has an unaspected Sun. Obviously if you have this placement it doesnt mean youll get stalked, Ive just noticed that these placements tend to get a lot of attention from the opposite sex online. I forget where I read it, but Ive found it to be true. Sun Opposition Mercury: OKAY HEAR ME OUT. For the next post, Im thinking of going deeper into each one (i.e. If you have the Sun conjunct North Node synastry aspect, you will experience a relationship that is filled with growth and change. Scorpio Risings and Lilith in the 1st natives are always dealing with stalkers or weirdos. Theyre a kaleidoscope. They also might like getting their hair pulled and/or pulling someones hair. (Having their 7th house lord on your 1st or vice verse too, but these are talking about aspects not placements). People with a prominent Asteroid Casanova tend to be players and flirt a lot. If the Nodal person does try to grow, their North Node qualities might trigger the Sun person. Scorpio moons have the bedroom eyes. The Sun signifies the ego and masculine energy too. Pluto: Your degree here shows the themes of your transformations throughout life as well as your fears and obsessions. This person is probably always seen with a book, writing in a journal of some sort, or with their phone. Theyre likely very good in bed due to this. Often means you are learning about living thru different types of relationships with a beloved friend. Aries Moon:You come around and the armor falls/Pierce the room like a cannonball/Now all we know is dont let go, Taurus Moon:'Cause there we are again in the middle of the night/ Were dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light/ Down the stairs, I was there/ I remember it all too well, yeah, Gemini Moon:Were happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way/Its miserable and magical, oh yeah/ Tonights the night when we forget about the heartbreaks, Cancer Moon:Losing him was blue, like Id never known/Missing him was dark gray, all alone/Forgetting him was like trying to know, Leo Moon:Im really gonna miss you picking fights/And me falling for it, screaming that Im right/And you would hide away and find your peace of mind/With some indie record thats much cooler than mine, Virgo Moon:'Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in/So shame on me now/Flew me to places Id never been/'Til you put me down., Libra Moon:And time/Is taking its sweet time erasing you/And youve got your demons/And darlin they all look like me, Scorpio Moon:Out of focus, eye to eye/'Til the gravitys too much/And Ill do anything you say/If you say it with your hands, Sagittarius Moon:You had it figured out since you were in school/Everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool/So overnight, you look like a '60s queen., Capricorn Moon:You wear your best apology/But I was there to watch you leave/And all the times I let you in/Just for you to go again., Aquarius Moon:And for the first time I had something to lose/And I guess we fell apart in the usual way/And the storys got dust on every page/But sometimes I wonder how you think about it now/And I see your face in every crowd, Pisces Moon:Before you, Id only dated self indulgent takers/Who took all of their problem out on me/But you carry my groceries and now Im always laughing/And I love you, because you have given me no choice but to. I personally like to see a bigger number of aspects and have some negative ones in there, versus a smaller number of aspects with mainly positive aspects. Since this sign deals withtwo they also might be into the idea of having two sexual partners at the same time (i.e. These people rarely get sidetracked. Kinks (NSFW): Definitely gonna be exposing myself here LMAO. This is because there's no way that they can avoid their path being illuminated, and as I said before, the North Node is what we haven't done yet. You may have some really powerful aspects despite not having a big number of them. Theyre usually just seen either daydreaming, getting stoned/drunk, doing some creative shit, or sleeping. 2nd house synastry can be really great, but I feel like it can go sour if the couple isnt mature enough or careful enough. Empathy is VERY strong, and often the two can get lost in the . Therefore, Pisces degrees need to be mindful of how they approach their relationships. Hope you guys enjoy! Moon: Your degree here shows how you deal with your emotions and which area of your life emphasizes them. However, sometimes this is not based on a solid foundation and on the inside, you lack these traits. they start dating at a later age. This transit is the time where people are more selfish than usual. The Sun person, just who they are, it's almost as if they represent what the North Node person wants to be or wants to see in the world, and it feels right to both of them. Jupiter Conjunct Mars: For romantic relationships, this couple has ALOT of s*x. I think its because Scorpio and Aries are both ruled by Mars (in Western Astrology). The sun and the moon are very important for compatibility. Theyre soft but hot at the same time LMAO. The Sun conjunct North Node synastry aspect tends to be more uncomfortable or scary for the North Node person, while it feels natural to the Sun person. There is a reason why kings and influential leaders represent the Sun. In relationships they also like to take their time and truly get to know the person, as they want to ensure that this person is truly right for them. No matter how they dress, they seem to exude a sense of wealth and luxury. Your ego and drive support your goals, and who you are is highly compatible with who you strive to be. Like Leo degrees, Capricorn degrees want to show their partner off to everyone they know. The self is intertwined with the soul's past experiences; it is hard to let go of the old way of doing . It's the point where the moon's orbit and the ecliptic meet at the moment of your birth. If not that, I can definitely see people with this degree who love to do make up and do it as an art form. If you have yours conjunct any of these planets, look out. You have already mastered these, and they come easy to you. They want to be the boss, and they want to be the best. My sun is square their moon, which is what seems to be sticking out to me but curious what else I should maybe look for? The North Node person is definitely in for an experience. The North Node may find that they avoid their issues and working towards growth when theyre around the Sun person because its easier to stay comfortable. They want an established home and family with their partner- whether its with kids, pets, or just the two of you. a documentation specialist. North Node Conjunct Mercury: I feel like people with this aspect really get each other, and they teach each other a lot. Kinks (NSFW): Individuals with Scorpio degrees in their Mars are definitely into some intense shit LMAO. This doesnt always have to be their actual family, it can be friends they consider family. Since this is also a fairly creative aspect, Pisces degrees will likely show their love to their partner in creative ways as well, i.e. Note: it might be a little different from other theories, but this is how I usually do it. No one talks about how neighboring signs are compatible. Also, Virgo degrees may avoid talking about problems or diminish their importance to make their partner happy. Taurus degrees must learn that everyone has their ideas of love and it may or may not align with their idea of it. They might dissociate or feel disconnected from their body. Id also say that they appear to be those kinds of people who just seem to have everything together (even if they dont). I mean, why would we even be here? I find this to be super accurate as I want to be a psychologist and/or a writer. They also strive to be the best at sex. they have muscles or naturally toned legs, etc. Aquarius Mars?
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