[18][19], From 2011 and 2013, the drug lord lived in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur and led Los ntrax against the criminal group Los Zetas in the area. In the morning, his dead body was found inside the SUV. All these cartel whores deserve the same as their husbands and boyfriends do to others. Wouldn't doubt its payback. And finger is pointer to chapitos personal gunmen. [15][16] The charge alleged that he conspired with other people to import 500 grams of methamphetamines and 5 kilograms of cocaine to the U.S.[17] The indictment, started by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in late 2011, was part of an investigation known as Operation Narco Polo, where federal agents intercepted several phone calls from March and October 2012 between Archiga Gamboa and drug traffickers from the San DiegoTijuana area. He acknowledged directly participating in and ordering others to commit violence for the benefit of the cartel. It was later reported that his murder was likely ordered by senior leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel. Howard Abbott, 76, served as the trustee on a life insurance policy purchased by the victim in 2009, according to the U.S. Attorneys Office in San Diego. I think you're the POS since you're willing to let a woman get a pass for doing something a man would get killed for. She denied those accusations and insisted they were . As, si el lado mide 3, el rea es: f( x ) = 2( 3 )2 = 18 1 1 9 Area ( A ) 1 4 9 16 9 4 16 En una funcin real de variable real es importante encontrar el valor de la variable dependiente, al sustituir En esta funcin, el dominio ser el conjunto de todos los en la regla de correspondencia el respectivo valor de la nmeros reales . The zambadas on the other hand!!! & no cavalry to come to the rescue. [14], He also uploaded pictures of his sport cars, yachts, weapons, jewelry, money, and extravagant parties with famous narcocorrido bands. Karma. It is the only Swiss label to have made it to the wrists of two generations of the world's most notorious drug lords, from Pablo Escobar to the Guzmns. Yuriana Castillo Torres was a Model and the partner of Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa. [1][2][3] Archiga Gamboa began to work for the Sinaloa Cartel as a bodyguard of Vicente Zambada Niebla (alias "El Vicentillo"), son of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, until 2008. I bought it by getting an education and a good career.I sleep good at night.. Preach on brother! Archiga Gamboa reportedly managed to escape uninjured during the shootout. It was chapo revenge for chino snitching on him. Chino was working closely with the DEA here in Sinaloa and before El Chapo's arrest is said they gave him two choices and too pick sides between Zambada and El Chapo. El Chino ntrax es del signo de Geminis. Post-mortem reports showed that Castillo Torres had been tortured, received several blows to the head and that her hands and legs were tied with an electric cable. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, who vanished from federal parole supervision, EasyJet cyber attack exposes personal info of millions, Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts placed on paid leave, What's next for Buster Murdaugh after dad's murder conviction, life sentence, Buster Murdaugh got 'very drunk' with dad 2 months after mom, brother murdered: source, Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss planned to confess affair to Ariana before getting caught, Prince Harry says hes not a victim: I never looked for sympathy, Allison Holker pens touching note to kids after Stephen tWitch Boss death, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant allegedly flashes gun at a strip club, Tom Sizemore And The Dangerous Burden of Desperation, Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce. This brood was probably killed as revennge for something chino probably did!! Chino and some of Los Anthrax's associates were being taken out by El Chapo a month before his arrest. El Chino Antrax ya haba sido amenazado por 'Los Chapitos' debido a que dio informacin de integrantes del Crtel de Sinaloa a agentes de la DEA. Zambada or El Chapo. . On May 9, his probation officer reported him as missing. En otro video difundido por el sitio Diario del narco, que asegura que fue tomando en el funeral de "el Chino ntrax", se puede ver a varios jvenes cantando msica banda e incluso la publicacin menciona que pareca una fiesta. ", "Holanda confirma captura de narco mexicano", "Detienen en Holanda a sicario del crtel de Sinaloa", "Estados Unidos pidi a Holanda la detencin del Chino ntrax", "Detienen a presunto lder de Los ntrax en Holanda", "Aceptan extraditar a 'Chino Antrax' a EU", "Sinaloa drug cartel leader 'Chino Antrax' extradited to California", "El Chino ntrax sicario de El Mayo Zambada fue detenido en Holanda", "El Chino Antrax Arrested: Cartel Leader Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa To Be Extradited To US", "Pide EU extradicin de supuesto sicario del Chapo Guzmn", "Treasury Continues Targeting Sinaloa Cartel Leader Ismael Zambada Garcia", "Definen el 29 de mayo si 'El Chino Antrax' es extraditado a EU", "Suspected Sinaloa Cartel Leader Arrives in San Diego", "Disguises failed for reputed cartel leader", "Accused Leader in Sinaloa Cartel Pleads Not Guilty", "Comparece por segunda vez el 'El Chino ntrax' en EU", "EU culpa a "Chino ntrax" de 50 cargamentos de droga", "Fijan audiencia a sicario del crtel de Sinaloa hasta marzo", "Sinaloa cartel enforcer 'Chino Antrax' pleads guilty in US", "He grew up with the Sinaloa cartel next door and became 'El Chino Antrax', "One-time leader of Sinaloa cartel hit-squad vanishes from probation", "Sinaloa Hitman's Killing in Mexico Hints at Cartel Power Play", "Privan de la libertad a esposa del Chino Antrax", "Encuentran a mujer asesinada en Culiacn", "Despiden los 'ntrax' a Yuriana Castillo", "Movimiento alterado: cuando el narco sale del clset", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jos_Rodrigo_Archiga_Gamboa&oldid=1140086074, Yuriana Castillo Torres (?2014; her death), This page was last edited on 18 February 2023, at 10:06. Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, often referred to by his alias 'El Chino ntrax', was born in Culiacn, Sinaloa, Mexico on 15 June 1980. Unlike in other court sessions, Archiga Gamboa's family members were not present in the courtroom. When the bodies were first discovered, a leaked photograph showed a man who appeared to be Arechiga, according to the Union-Tribune. Hopefully the feminazis are very delighted too. la barbie gave bus fare to the girlfriend of the man that went to kill him, and sent her home, other mafiosos have shown that real men do not mess with women or children of anybody else, hijos de la chingada, don't respect their own mothers, much less other women, no matter what. The body was dressed on wearing Lycra leggings, lilac top and white socks, the same clothing worn by Torres when kidnapped. Nini had nothing to do But Arechigas family, along with Mexicos federal prosecutorial agency and US authorities, confirmed it was in fact the notorious cartel enforcer, the paper reported. Un camarada que trabaja en el forense me alcanzo a decir que la morra tenia desfigurado el culono se si por las operaciones o el dano desecho. His wife's name is Mireya, I'm sure this was a "warning" before he starts running his mouth. Now Chino has a bigger reason to rat out all of them. El Chino Antrax hit them hard and killed their brother on his birthday in Cabos. Gamboa whom prosecutors previously described as one of the highest-ranking Sinaloa Cartel kingpins ever prosecuted in the United States has a record of taking extreme steps to evade capture. and when chino got buster started running around with ivan [chino fucked his wife and half of culiacan too]. She was la emperatriz she was affiliated from what i read.. 12:18 no I havent, can you please send a link? Studio Ghibli Howls Moving Castle Music Box 4.5 out of 5 stars (190) Add to Favorites $ 49.44 $ 98.88. Upon his arrest, he was sent to the Vught maximum-security prison. [24] He also has pictures with Serafn Zambada Ortiz (alias "El Sera"), also son of "El Mayo" Zambada who was arrested by U.S. authorities in November 2013 while attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. Chino Anthrax and his compadres Los Anthrax begin wiping out rival distrubuters in tje Netherlands who they were fighting is unknown but it is said they were Colombian Cartels who already set up major hubs in the Netherlands without using midle men help. So tell me again white knight why I should give a fuck about this heartless narco groupie where getting her comeuppance ? Authorities arrested El Chino Antrax in the Netherlands in 2013 before extradition to the U.S. Zambada is wanted on a drug conspiracy indictment filed in San Diego, as well as two of his four sons. El 3 de marzo de 2020, Archiga Gamboa fue liberado bajo supervisin, segn documentos del tribunal. After being sentenced to house arrest, he was reported missing on May 9, 2020. Praying for the girl and her family, very tragic. All of you "real men" defending the poor dead woman are completely missing the point, maybe because the other side is being so vitriolic about it. Jaja te mataron pinche pendeja. RollingStone Italy cites them as husband and wife. [26] According to officials, Archiga Gamboa travelled with the fake name of Norberto Sicairos Garca; at the time of his arrest, he was carrying an iPhone 5, a Blackberry Bold, three airplane tickets, credit cards from Visa and MasterCard from Banamex, and a Mexican driver's license. I wonder if we will ever know why she was killed? He pleaded guilty on 20 March 2015 and admitted that he had participated in cocaine and marijuana shipments from Mexico to the U.S., and that he had facilitated violent activities for the Sinaloa Cartel. Thank you! Do what you can. Snitch-bitches (low level criminal brown-nosing sycophants) are the dumbest of the dumb and never understand this and are usually the first to go, if they envolved. Horas despus lo confirmaron, posteriormente comenzaron a correr los rumores de entre los elementos Policacos de que uno de los otros dos ejecutados era ni mas ni menos Jose Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, El Chino ntrax, ahora hasta nuestro correo nos han enviado la fotografa del supuesto cadver del Chino ntrax, las autoridades aun no confirman su muerte. They participated in sports together. At the funeral home where the wake took place, members of Los ntrax reportedly paid their condolences by leaving a floral ornament in honor of her. Anonymous May 20, 2014 at 7:19 PM. A third son was arrested a month before Arechiga. He reappeared in Culiacan, Sinaloa on May 15, 2020 where he was found murdered along with his sister, and brother-in-law. He had been living undercover, using the name of a dead Mexican man, altering his features with plastic surgery and trying to remove his fingerprints, U.S. prosecutors said. They told me that "el chino andaba de lambe huevos con el chapo" basically that chino was doing everything for chapo and kissing his ass. Barely some few monthsafter the arrest of Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, alias El Chino ntrax, at the Amsterdam airport,his partner and mother of his son, Yuriana Castillo Torres was murdered. So I left. As the film progresses, the camera turns to the sides and shows former footballer Jared Borgetti sitting at a table with Roco del Carmen Lizrraga, wife of Francisco Rafael. Jos Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, "El Chino Antrax" se fug esta semana de un domicilio de San Diego California donde purgara el resto de su condena en libertad (Foto: Especial) Luego de meses de . Tenia marcas de quemada y como k le dieron con un bate. I have alot of respect for that guy with the Durango because at least he earned it through hard work unlike these Narco freeloaders that rape and kill defenseless woman!!! But Riodoce said she was badly beaten from feet to head. [20] While in Los Cabos, Archiga Gamboa reportedly ordered the murder of Francisco Rafael Arellano Flix, a former leader of the Tijuana Cartel, on 18 October 2013. He needed to support his new wife and daughter. Will they clean out the singers also,like Commander,Gerardo Ortiz,and all those shitty singers.I don't wish anything bad on them,but damn,can they make them stop singing,can't stand it anymore!! At around 7:30AM today the body of a young woman, wrapped in a white sheet was discovered behind Salvador Allende School near the intersection of Las Palms Blvd and Ignacio Aldama Street. Do u have full contact with the AFO ppl? [42], On 14 May 2014, an official spokesperson of a court in Haarlem stated to the press that the request of the U.S. to extradite Archiga Gamboa was planned to be defined by 29 May 2014. When he was busted in Amsterdam in 2013, he was using a fake passport and had significant plastic surgery as well as attempts to alter his fingerprints, prosecutors said at the time. Yuriana Castillo Torres: What Caused the death of El Chino ntraxs Partner, Megan Benton Lewis: Truth about Phill Lewis wife, Peter Andrew Baryshnikov: Facts About Mikhail Baryshnikovs son, Trippie Redd Girlfriend: Facts About Trippie Redds Girlfriend, Filippa Kumlin Dorey: Facts About Arne Naess Jrs Ex-wife, Matilda Kent Tarleton: How Did She Die?- Everything About Bob Barkers Mother, Thomas William Black: Truth About Jack Blacks father, Emilia Merkell: Everything About Patsy Palmers Daughter. The people that want him to maintain his silence might go after the rest of his family if he starts giving valuable information about the inner workings of the cartel to the authorities. May her you get the strength to handle the situation in the best way possible. When you play with gangsters this is what happens. Mxico.- Rafael Guadalupe Flix, alias "El Changuito", lder de Los ntrax, supuesto sucesor de Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, "El Chino ntrax", fue detenido por el ao 2014 en Culiacn . It was planned for him to turn himself in. He was one of the leaders and the founder of Los ntrax, an armed enforcement group that protected Sinaloa cartel leader Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and his sons. This might have something yo do with ajuste de cuentes since Chino did his fare share of kidnappings/murders. May 8, 2014 at 11:55 PM Here is proof that straight up fantasists and pure idiots make things up?Where do you people come from with this made up shit? Tragedy has struck in Nigeria and their are protests in Hollywood and all over the place. Its leaderwas already in the sights of the United States authorities, so it was necessary to remove its founder from the scene to keep him safe. Das it mane Rest in peace, young lady. I have not heard she was dismembered. 3:03 respetuosamente,fierrito mojado, a 20, la tuya, safo y sin safaderas, cada que respires you know who this is, mini-lecter, so you can go and fuck yours, and her mama, and the mother of the mama of her motherfucking mama; mini-anibal when will you learn and mind your manners? Not to mention people are saying chino anthrax is responsible for a split in the sinaloa cartel. [54], On March 3, 2020, he was released and placed into house arrest. Yuriana Castillo Torres died on May 6, 2014 in Culiacn, Sinaloa. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. she knew about it, fucked him anyway made her kids call him dad. Following the separation of the Sinaloa organization and the Beltrn Leyva Cartel that year, he went on to form Los ntrax, an armed squadron of the Sinaloa Cartel for providing armed security services to "El Mayo" Zambada. Music Gift For Wife | Wooden Box | Music Gift 5 out of 5 stars (273) Add to Favorites $ 4.87. Since he got arrested, CDS has been taking a lot of hits which included the capture of JAGL. Totally unrelated to the AFO's Pancho Arellano. Yuriana Castillo Torres was a Model and the partner of Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa. Nummer 6 - 2017; Nummer 5 - 2017; Nummer 4 - 2017; Nummer 3 - 2017; Nummer 2 - 2017 He was one of the leaders and the founder of Los ntrax, an armed enforcement group that protected Sinaloa cartel leader Ismael "El Mayo . . You can white knight for her all you want, but she obviously didn't give a shit about all the people he murdered and all the families he ruined. America would be in worse shape than it is, and it's not good right now with the weak ass commie leftists making the rules, if instead of morons looking up to the kardashians and Katy perry's brain dead ass, they looked up to mass murdering poisoners who are too selfish and to realize or care that they are causing a proud culture to slip deeper into anonymity and pity.-Finesse in Texass. The next day police in the town of Ayune, Sinaloa, discovered a black SUV with 3 dead bodies inside one of the bodies was later identified as Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa. We've received your submission. Sinaloa / 17.05.2020 14:46:19. Constantin Sandu, 33, was arrested Wednesday at the Imperial Beach Border Patrol Station on suspicion of stealing $5 million in unemployment insurance benefits during the pandemic. He needed to support his new wife and daughter. Hace dos meses haba obtenido su libertad condicional en San Diego, California, pero desde el 9 de mayo desapareci de la vista de su oficial de custodia. Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, conocido como el Chino ntrax ( Culiacn, 15 de junio de 1980- Ibidem, 16 de mayo de 2020), fue un narcotraficante mexicano fundador y lder de la clula criminal Los ntrax, brazo armado del Crtel de Sinaloa . Comments are moderated, refer to policy for more information.Enva fotos, vdeos, notas, enlaces o informacin Todo 100% Annimo;borderlandbeat@gmail.com. Follow. She made her bednow she's laying in it. Yuriana Castillo Torres corpse was discovered at 06:45 the next day by Mexican law enforcement at a vacant lot in Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood in Culiacn, and confirmed to be hers by her family members at the forensic installations. Yeah these ppl dont really give a fuk.capos with a rep cant stand for a women to go around spending there money on other men plus she was getting old and default. [51], He pleaded guilty on 20 March 2015 and admitted that he had participated in cocaine and marijuana shipments from Mexico to the U.S., and that he had facilitated violent activities for the Sinaloa Cartel. And for the person who made the comment that this would have not happened had she dated a Zeta hombre. He dropped out after AB's leadership starting targeting family members of snitches. El Chino ntrax. Nasty arse troll with no life. Aprendan que si quieren andar en ese negocio tienen que tener un perfil bajo. China antrax is spilling the guts all over the table with the feds. He was released on March 3, according to the Union-Tribune. chino antrax lived a loud and fast life. Gamboas whereabouts were a mystery since May 6, when a US probation officer in San Diego went to his new home for a scheduled check-in and discovered that he was missing, as were all his belongings, except for a cellphone. while the rest of the world goes on not giving a FUCK! Start where you are. NO!! Poor gal by association to CA she did not deserve this even if she was (assuming here) vain and self serving. Estamos en 2014 no 1990. 15 posts. Where the fuck are you girls at that useto say chapo snitched he keepin it solid that hes a farmer he dont know no cartel its bullshit but what can they do its all comspiracy so that fucker keepin it solid hahahhaja come out pussies chivis let this shit show, Lol chapo is a g he hasent said shit nor the people who where suppose to testify against him. EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) Forensic experts from the Mexican Attorney General's Office are in Culiacan to verify the identity of a murder victim found Saturday along with two others inside an abandoned SUV.. The settlements come after a 2020 audit found the city could significantly reduce the nearly $25 million a year it spends on lawsuit payouts with better employee training and deeper analyses of risks. [29][30] Despite attempting to be discreet by blurring his face, U.S. authorities were able to track him down thanks to his photos. Yeah but if she was a player in the game then she was fair game too. Give the bitch a fucking Louis Vuitton coffin.-Mike Haggar-Mike Haggar. Will return with a rose. Arechiga has already forfeited $1 million in drug proceeds, per the plea deal, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Sutton. However, the attacks against the gang continued; in February 2012, Roque Landeros (alias "Roque ntrax") was killed with three other men in Culiacn. Moreover, he was found guilty of impersonating a police officer and is currently incarcerated in Orange County Jail serving his sentence. Reply. En el 2008, tras la captura de Vicente Zambada Niebla . Jeremy Dewitte Wiki, Bio, Wife, Charges, Now, Net [] Earlier this year, he became one of the star witnesses in the Brooklyn trial of Joaqun El Chapo Guzman, turning against his fathers partner, the flashier, public face of the cartel. They, too, know the business and embrace it, because of the corruption of their souls by wealth and power.
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